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VIGILANCE ALERT: Doll stolen at AVcon

My Zaoll Luv ended up in lost property at AVcon (Adelaide) on Saturday night, and when I went to claim her on Sunday someone had already taken her. I need all your help in trying to track her down. I'm also in touch with AVcon staff to try and resolve this. For anyone who knows my dolls, this is my Boy Luv's faceplate on my Muses' body.

If you observe anyone in the doll community who has recently acquired, or is selling any of the following:

• A Zaoll Luv (53cm) in normal resin
• A white V-neck Sadol top with orange, blue and grey stripes
• A Zaoll sized cardigan with a tall, fold-down collar
• 12mm Blue urethane eyes
• Six pieces of sterling silver jewellery, including 5 bracelets and a pendant with a small brass circle.
• A two-layer black dollmore skirt
• A short black wig
• My crappy hand-made cotton shirt and blue scarf

She has a unique faceup with a scar running across the tip of her nose and across her cheek. This is what she looked like on the day:

And a face closeup:

If you have my doll and are reading this, I don't care what you reasons are for taking her, I am not here to condemn or publicly shame you, I just want my girl back. If you want to enjoy this hobby it doesn't make any sense to take something that isn't yours.

If you have any information please contact me at nadia@attleefamily.com

Thank you~



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Jul. 27th, 2010 12:18 pm (UTC)
Oh that's miserable. I'd been waiting to hear any feedback about the BJD panel etc and how the weekend was, this wasn't the kind of news that I had in mind! I hope you get her back soon :-(
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